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New York City, NY

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Metropolitan Opera VIP Package NYC For Two New York City is the culture capital of the world! Enjoy the ultimate of New York City culture – a private tour of Lincoln Center’s iconic campus where a spectacular range of world-renowned artists have performed. You will be able to see up close and personal the homes of the famous New York Philharmonic, New York City Ballet, The Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center Theater, The Chamber Music Society, and more. If there happens to be a rehearsal taking place during your tour, you will get a sneak peek as well. After the tour, please enjoy your private pre-opera three-course dinner at the elegant Grand Tier Restaurant. Your Orchestra seats to the Opera performance await. Experience Highlights: - Private Tour of Lincoln Center - Three-course Dinner at The Grand Tier at Metropolitan Opera - Opera Orchestra Seats Location: New York City, NY Details: METROPOLITAN OPERA VIP PACKAGE, New York City, NY Restrictions: Subject to availability. Winning bidder must provide Opera of choice and 3 dates at least 60 days in advance. Certificate expires 12 months after event date. Valid: Valid September 24 - May 11

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